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Търговски марки

Dekorator Relief Paint

a homogeneous system based on polymer dispersion, water, pigments, fillers, cellulose fibers and additives. »

Xpert Silicone-Acrylic Plaster

a system of polymeric dispersion, water, thickeners, mineral color fillers, pebbles with specific granularity, silicone emulsion and additives. »

Xpert Polymer Plaster

a system of polymer dispersion, water, thickeners, mineral fillers, pebbles with specific granularity and additives. »

Xpert Mineral Plaster

produced from colored pebbles moistened in a suitable binder on the basis of water-soluble polymer dispersion. »

Xpert Impregnation Primer

a solution of thermoplastic acrylic resin in organic solvent. »

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