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Търговски марки


Xpert Silicone-Acrylic Plaster

a system of polymeric dispersion, water, thickeners, mineral color fillers, pebbles with specific granularity, silicone emulsion and additives. »

Xpert Polymer Plaster

a system of polymer dispersion, water, thickeners, mineral fillers, pebbles with specific granularity and additives. »

Xpert Mineral Plaster

produced from colored pebbles moistened in a suitable binder on the basis of water-soluble polymer dispersion. »

Xpert Impregnation Primer

a solution of thermoplastic acrylic resin in organic solvent. »

Xpert Universal Primer for Walls

a system of polymer dispersion, pigments, fillers and additives. »

Xpert waterbase intumescent paint

The coating film expands in case of high temperature (giving off Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide), providing thick protective layer »

Xpert Alkyd Enamel

For protection and decoration of wooden or metal surfaces for exterior or interior use. »

Xpert Paint for Steel Constructions

a homogeneous system of finely ground pigments, anticorrosion components and special additives in high quality alkyd resin. »

Xpert Quick Drying Anticorrosion Primer PF-07

Suitable for machines, appliances, technical equipment, fences, metal decorative elements, etc. It is used for anticorrosive protection of ferrous metal surfaces before the application of a decorative coat (paint, enamel, autoenamel) »

Xpert Polyurethane Enamel

for protection of previously primed metal surfaces of machines, technical equipment, devices, home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines) and other industrial or household objects. »

Xpert Polyurethane Primer

or priming well cleaned and degreased metal surfaces before the application of decorative coatings (pains, varnishes, enamels – alkyd, polyurethane or acrylic). »

Xpert Road Mark Paint – One-Component

for horizontal marking of pedestrian paths, roads, runways, playgrounds, swimming pools and other asphalt and concrete surfaces. Before painting swimming pools prime with Xpert Impregnation Primer. »

Xpert Thinner for Road Mark Paint

a blend of suitable aromatic hydrocarbons and ketones– acetone, orthoxylene, etc. »

Construction Glue PVA

for gluing parquet, textile-based flooring and wall lining. The glue is used as an additive in gypsum plasters and other construction mixtures. »

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